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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reviving the Blog!

Having been away from this blog for quite some time, I was uncertain about leaving it up or closing shop entirely. I recently decided to return and start posting again. I would like to give a wide variety of updates on things that have happened since I walked away, but that would take far too long. Suffice it to say that after a period of at least two years, I have decided to commence my blogging again. This is especially true when I saw that my blog has continued to be seen around the world, though at a much slower rate than when I post regularly.

I have some thoughts, and may post them today but I might also get them tomorrow. Much will depend on how fast my research and typing progresses. Thank you again for reading, and I apologize for my very extended absence.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why I am Jesus Only (Only the Title is Controvercial) :D

I hope that you enjoy this non-exhaustive list that I thought of this morning.

 1) Jesus is the only way to God.

 2) Jesus is the only true God.

 3) Only Jesus was God manifest in human flesh.

 4) Only Jesus had a host of angels announcing His birth.

 5) Only Jesus died on a cross for the sins of all the world.

 6) Only Jesus rose from a tomb after three days.

 7) Only Jesus ascended into Heaven and sits enthroned in power, glory, and majesty.

 8) Jesus is the only Savior.

 9) Jesus is the only Healer.

10) Jesus is the only Redeemer.

11) Jesus is the only Provider.

12) Jesus is my only Protector.

13) Jesus is the only Comforter.

14) Jesus alone forgave my sins.

15) Jesus alone washed my sins away.

16) Jesus alone filled me with the Holy Ghost.

17) Jesus alone will be calling His church home to be with Him.

18) Jesus alone is the coming King and Judge of the world.

19) Jesus alone will be the focus of those who dwell with Him throughout all eternity.

I am thankful that I was baptized in the only Name under heaven given among men that can save. Jesus is the only God who is worth serving, for there is no other deity that has ever done what He has done for us!

A Brief Update

Well here is my update. Some things fell apart on me after that my last post in November, and I have not felt much like writing until now. However, things are coming back together.

My credit cards are paid off, I have a new used car, and my remaining debt will be clear no later than November. However, since I am focusing on my debt, I am uncertain of how much traveling I will accomplish this year. However, having said that, I am certain that I will be on the move next year. That is the plan for the moment. Today also is a rare double feature as my next post follow immediately.

Friday, November 22, 2013

An Update

I realize that it has been quite some time since I have updated this blog. However, it has not been due to a lack of material, rather that the material I have is not resolving itself coherently. I have also been very busy, and this has lead to more sleeping than blogging. I do however have things that are in the works, and while they may take a while to appear, I am working on them. One recent item went from being a single post to the potential for several posts.

This is my update to correspond with my last post.

I did go to visit Bro. Epley's campmeeting back at the end of July. It was a truly great time with excellent preaching and teaching. Sadly due to the roads that I took to get there, I missed the first service. I have since enjoyed the cd containing Bro. Riggen's message "We Are Not In Egypt Anymore". As always, there was a lot of food and fellowship to be had.

I had planned on attending the WPF Summit and General Conference this year. However, my finances did not allow me to make that conference, although it was very good from the reports that I have received. I am going to make an attempt to make it there next year, the Lord willing.

I did attend the "Passing the Mantle" conference in Kansas City, hosted by Bro. Stan Gleason with Bro. Lee Stoneking as the the main preacher. All I can say is that there was a mighty move of God in the midst of the meeting. It is not to be missed. To see people renewing the dedication and consecration to God in tears is a wonderful sight to behold.

Of course, we are now in the midst of the 'Holiday Season' as it is known in the United States. These could be said to be the 'high holy days' of the American calender (the word holiday being derived from the term holy day). This of course begins at Halloween and continues through New Year's Day, although it is generally acknowledged as beginning with Thanksgiving.

I could, and might later, put some thoughts down concerning the celebration of Halloween (I do not and, will not, celebrate it) and the other holidays.

For Thanksgiving, I am going to be seeing a number of family members as we gather at my Aunt and Uncle's house this year. It will be the first time in more than a year I have seen my niece as well as a couple of my cousin's children. This is going to make from a grand celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

For Christmas, I am going to be traveling back to Kansas City, where we will gathering to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus (the timing of this celebration will be dealt with in another post). This will provide a lot of fun for us during the holiday. I just wish I knew what to get everyone this year.

New Year's Day is the only holiday that I have planned nothing for. If nothing else, I will celebrate this holiday by wrapping myself up in a blanket, and catching up on the sleep that I missed throughout the prior year!

Next year looks to be a better than the one that we are now concluding. Before the first half has passed, I should be free of all my credit card debts, and be getting ready to attend the fall conferences. There are also a number of other things that are going to be coming down that I will hopefully be able to discuss on here as they happen.

I will of course continue to post updates as they come available. Hopefully I can get some of these things posted before another four months have passed.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Taking Another Trip

I have at least three new items that I am in the process of developing, but it will be another few weeks before I am comfortable enough with the topics to make an entry here to them. However, I am going to revert to more lighthearted fare for the next few weeks.

It is the start of my travel season. This season kicks itself off at the end of July and will conclude at the beginning of January. This is the time of year that I take all my time off from work, and attend various conferences and family events.

My first event of the season is a quick trip to Bro. Epley's campmeeting in Racine, MO. This will be followed by a trip to Gatlinburg, TN for the WPF Summit and Campmeeting, and Passing the Mantle in Kansas City. I hope to have some pictures from each of these events to post either during or after my trips.

Hopefully, for some of you who read my blog regularly, I may get to meet you soon. God bless and keep you in the name of Jesus.